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Terms and Conditions:

  • All goods were personally packed by me and have been in my constant possession since packing.
  • I have declared all items on the packing list and will not hold cargo agent liable for any undeclared items.
  • My consignment does not contain any dangerous or hazardous goods as listed below.
  • All Cargos are scanned by standard Airport scanner, if in case goods must be sent for extra scan due to undeclared or un-scannable item, any extra cost will be borne by me.
  • All cargo/Courier are sent in good faith but sometimes problems arise in transition and destination country which is beyond our control, i.e. Force Majeure, changes in laws, ID verification, custom rates increase therefore it is shipper’s responsibility to track down or make inquiry about their consignment through cargo information and tracking number provided.
  • All deliveries are subject to weather conditions, flight schedule/delays and destination holidays.
  • Cargo/Courier shippers are responsible to pay for any custom duties that may occur in the destination country.
  • Please ask member of staff for further information and for full term & condition in case of any doubt.
Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Goods Regulations and Prohibited items for Air Cargo

Dangerous goods are materials or items with hazardous properties which, if not properly controlled, present a potential hazard to human health and safety, infrastructure and/ or their means of transport. Hence, transportation of such dangerous goods is prohibited without proper declaration to complete the DGR procedures according to DGR regulatory regimes.

Class 1 Explosive

Ammunition/cartridges, Fireworks/pyrotechnics Flares, Blasting caps / detonators, Fuse, Primers, Explosive charges (blasting, demolition etc), Detonating cord, Air bag inflators, Igniters, Rockets, TNT / TNT compositions / RDX compositions, PETN / PETN compositions etc.

Class 2 Gases

Aerosols (Perfume, Deodorants, Room Spray, Hari Spray etc.), Compressed air, Hydrocarbon gas-powered devices, Fire extinguishers, Gas cartridges, Fertilizer ammoniating solution, Insecticide gases, Refrigerant gases, Lighters, Acetylene / Oxyacetylene, Carbon dioxide, Helium / helium compounds, Hydrogen /hydrogen compounds, Natural gas, Oil gas, Petroleum gases etc

Class 3 Flammable Liquids

Adhesives, Paints, Alcohols, Perfumery products, Gasoline / Petrol, Diesel fuel, Aviation fuel, Liquid bio-fuels, Coal tar / coal tar distillates, Petroleum crude oil, Petroleum distillates, Gas oil, Shale oil, Heating oil, Kerosene, Resins, Turpentine etc.

Class 4 Flammable Solids

Alkali metals, Metal powders, Aluminium phosphide, Sodium batteries, Sodium cells, Firelighters, Matches, Calcium carbide, Camphor, Carbon etc.

Class 5 Oxidizing Substances

Chemical oxygen generators, Ammonium nitrate fertilizers, Chlorates, Nitrates, Nitrites, Hydrogen peroxide etc.

Class 6 Toxic and Infectious Substances

Medical/Biomedical waste, Clinical waste, Biological cultures / samples / specimens, Medical cultures / samples / specimens, Tear gas substances, Motor fuel anti-knock mixture, Dyes, Carbamate pesticides, Alkaloids, Allyl, Acids, Chloroform etc.

Class 7 Radioactive Material

Radioactive ores, Medical isotopes etc.

Class 8 Corrosives

Acids/acid solutions, Batteries, Battery fluid, Fuel cell cartridges, Dyes, Fire extinguisher charges, Formaldehyde etc.

Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Dry ice / cardice / solid carbon dioxide, Expandable polymeric beads / polystyrene beads, Ammonium nitrate fertilizers, Blue asbestos / crocidolite, Lithium ion batteries, Lithium metal batteries, Battery powered equipment, Battery powered vehicles, Fuel cell engines, Internal combustion engines, Vehicles, Magnetized material new job search url, Dangerous goods in apparatus, Dangerous goods in machinery, Genetically modified organisms, Genetically modified micro-organisms, Chemical kits, First aid kits etc.

Claims in case of loss or damage

In case of damage or lost cargo, it is the responsibility of consignee or receiver to report it before leaving the custom warehouse. As without following the required procedure, claims cannot be made with respective airlines. Receiver or consignee need to make claim directly with the relevant airlines at destination. Cargo is only covered by SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) of Montreal convention1999.